Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Me and Uncle Romie"

This is a historical fiction story about a boy who visits his aunt and uncle in New York City in the 1930s. The response question for the students is: What lessons did James learn from visiting New York Vity? How do you know he learned these lessons?


  1. at first james didn't want to go to new york so he can see his uncle . The next day james went to uncle Romie's studio and he was looking a round and he was so happy and said it was glorius . The next day uncle romie taught james how to draw and that's when james was surprised that art can make you happy just like unce Romie . And not just he was painting, he made a collage of art for his uncle Romie's b-day .

  2. At first James did not want to go to New York City. James thought that his uncle Romie was scray. Then he thought he was nice. James learned how to paint & how to draw like his uncle Romie. He learned uncle Romie work at a studio and he learn Romie work on art in his studio.

  3. James learn his lessons when he went to aunt and uncle Romie. He learn how to paint and he learn how to paint with newspapers and with cloth. He learn about his uncle Romie studio and he learn a lot about his studio and he got to help out at the studio.

  4. the leson that james learn was when he went to new york he was a hole new person becuase when his uncle had took him to the show he seen everbody he felt suprised .the next day his uncle taught jame how to draw and jame gave his uncle a picture of him self for his b-day

  5. Anthony: Why was James hesitant about visiting Uncle Romie in NYC? What about Romie scared James?

    Mrs. Johnson

  6. James was hesitant because he never ben in New York City. James was scared because his uncle Romie look like a giant in the picture and he a had a bald head.

  7. James is a boy who visits his uncle and his aunt in new york city and he learned how to draw and paint.

  8. He learned that his uncle Romie is not a scary bald head freak and that art is not just some regular painting,it is also photographs, news papers, and cloth. And he learned that uncle Romie cut and paste them onto a board to make his.

  9. One lesson that James learn down in new york was that you could be creative like his uncle made collages with newspapers,and other kinds of papers.

  10. The lesson James learn when he was in New York City was that art make people happy, He learn about different types of collages,when his Uncle
    took him to the baseball game,and he learn that his Uncle Romie is not
    that bad.

  11. To answer Mrs. Johnson's question... James didn't want to see uncle Romie because he thought uncle Romie was mean in a picture that James aunte showed him.

  12. The lesson James learn is... that if you try new places you might like it just like he didn't want to go to new york city with his uncle Romie. James didn't want to go because James thought uncle Romie was scary on the picture. but when james saw Uncle Romie paintings he began to like Uncle Romie. At the end, it was Uncle Romie's b-day and James drew a b-day card for Uncle Romie, James began to like Uncle Romie .

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